Explore Black History the Right Way!

Explore Black History the Right Way!

What would it be like for our Black children to grow up knowing the beauty and strength of their culture and heritage? To know they come from a people whose creativity and achievements influenced the world? We provide resources to enhance your child’s exposure to and appreciation of Black history.

I've been in the education field for over 20 years, and I’ve seen very little change in the curriculum concerning how Black history is taught.

First, when students learn about Black history, it usually starts at the point of struggle—slavery and civil rights—and often ends there. The discussion of slavery seldom highlights the ingenuity of the enslaved persons and how they survived, or that not every Black person was enslaved, but there were free black people who were scientists, landowners, explorers, businessmen and women, and so much more.

Second, most instruction on Black history is relegated to February, Black History Month, which again focuses on heroes and events that highlight the Black struggle and not the many contributions and historic events that are the foundation of American society.

Third, students do not learn about Africa and the African diaspora. Africa is made up of over 54 beautiful countries, each distinct with its own culture, traditions, and impact. Their influence is all over the world today.

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