Academy (3rd - 6th Graders)

Academy (3rd - 6th Graders)

Twice a month Every 2nd and 4th Tuesday (except on Holidays)

In this class, students will explore the inventors, leaders, artists, and events in black history. Students will engage in fun activities while learning about the rich legacy of black people from Africa to the African Diaspora.

Learning goals:

  • Students will learn about key people, places, and events throughout Africa and the African Diaspora.
  • Students will do an arts-based activity connected to the lesson.
  • Students will explore paintings, writings, music, and dance created and composed by black artists.
  • Students will learn legacy terms and strengths-based characteristics that build character.
  • Students will have fun!

Here are a just few of the topics covered!

  • Black Cowboys and Women of the Wild West
  • Kings, Queens, & Warriors
  • Artist Clementine Hunter
  • Artist Alma Woodsey Thomas
  • Much more!
per month

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