Professional Development

Professional Development

Unlocking the Power of Black History Education "Far too frequently, the African American experience in education begins and concludes within the confines of societal struggle, focusing solely on chapters like slavery and civil rights. There is so much more!” Dr. Shannon

With over two decades of experience in education, Dr. Shannon Stanton Agbotse is a seasoned expert in curriculum development and teaching black history. Her mission is to empower educators and students with enriching knowledge that goes beyond the standard curriculum, covering Africa and the African Diaspora.

Services Provided:

  • Workshops for Educators: Learn Dr. Shannon's empowering framework for teaching black history. Discover engaging activities to inspire your students. Participate in interactive exercises to build confidence in teaching this vital subject.
  • Workshops for Students: Engage in captivating black history lessons. Complete exciting activities that bring history to life. Empower your students with knowledge that matters.
  • School Events and Speaking Engagements: Dr. Shannon brings history to life through engaging storytelling. Enhance your school events with inspiring and informative talks. Provide students with post-event activities or lessons to continue the learning journey.
  • For Organizations: We also offer customized workshops for organizations seeking to enhance their understanding of black history and its impact on society.

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